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Money to woo honey: Top 6 Valentine's Day financial gifts

13 February 2018 07:13

The Valentines eve is around, and Cupid may look stupid for many. But if your intentions are sane, you may well in give into the romantic side. A financial gift not only makes for a seemingly wise choice, but you also increase the probability that your loved one will remember the gift for a long long time. And yes, it does spare you from making that seemingly confusing choice- mugs, jewelery designs, flowers, chocolates, blah blah blah. A dark chocolate certainly looks appetizing, but a financial product that earns dividends and which can literally bear fruits will serve better in the long run. Compared with a flowery valentine gift, financial products are quick to chose, based on an analysis of how much you can invest, and how much do you expect in terms of dividends. No confusing designs. Just answer the following questions:
  • If you are gifting a ring, how well do you know the ring-size that will fit your loved ones finger?
  • For exotic flowers, do you know how long the fragrance will hold?
  • Is your partner a lazy snob for getting a fitness band as a gift?
  • Is your partner into reading to get a kindle?
  • Are you sure the smartphone that you are thinking about appeals to him or her?
  • Who will water the sapling, in the event, you gift one?
  • Gifting a pet? Buying a cute looking dog or a purring cat seems like the perfect thing that warms hearts. But remember, the responsibility of cleaning the poop, the vet sessions, the special food, and personalised requirement. In the event you dont claim responsibility for these, then buying a pet for Valentines is as good as a noose for yourself as well as for the pet. The pet will be spared from the horrors of being dumped on the road or in a rescue home, in the event either of the partner decides to split.
A financial product seemingly is a good option. You need not know whether it blooms, neither do you need to spend your precious time in watering it. Moreover a financial gift helps,
  • Shows you care about your partners financial well-being.
  • No sad perceptions such as what will your boyfriend think when you gift him a perfume?
  • Way too different than a generic Amazon or a Flipkart gifting card.
  • A great quirky idea. You would be.
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